Thursday, July 1, 2010

Microwave Corn-on-the-cob

I thought I got this idea from Cris over at Goodeness Gracious, but searched her blog over & couldn't find the directions.  Then I thought maybe it came from Life As A Mom or Money Saving Mom, but couldn't find it there either. SO, if it came from you & I'm not giving you credit, then please accept my apology in advance.  I swear I'm not stealing your idea, it's just my memory must be going...haha! 

Anyway, WHOEVER gave me this idea is a genius!  The worst part of corn-on-the-cob for me is the waiting on the water to boil part.  This technique completely eliminates that issue as well as doesn't require the use of a big kitchen pot. 

Microwave Corn-on-the-Cob

Place ears of corn in microwave still in their husks on top of a dampened paper towel. I'd recommend keeping the ears in a single layer (not making a pyramid in the microwave).

(For my family of 3 I started with 3 ears which fit perfectly in my microwave.)

I microwave my 3 ears for 3 minutes, flip the ears over, & cook for another 3 minutes. You'll have to adjust the time for your # of ears, but on average I think about 1 min. per ear & then flip & go 1 min. per ear again seems a reasonable place to start. 
Although I did read where someone put there's in for like 5+ min. & caught the corn silks on you might want to keep an eye on it until you get your timing perfected ;)

CAREFULLY remove ears.  (They will be SUPER hot to the touch).  I let mine lay for a few minutes until they are cool enough to handle.  Then shuck the ears in the sink so the mess is contained & serve.  The silks & shucks will pull away easily & you can cut off the ends of the ear if you want/need to. After your meal the husks & silk are cooled & I just through the mess into the trash & clean up my sink.

The ears can be left in the husks & wrapped in a clean towel or aluminum foil or shucked & wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them warm while you make more or you can shuck & eat them immediately.

This method keeps the moisture in the corn &, I think, produces much better corn on the cob than the old fashion boiling pot method. 



  1. I wrap shucked corn in wax paper individually. Then, microwave it 2 minutes per ear. We always cook it that way! I've never heard of doing it like this though.

  2. I got to thinking about it, Shannon, & I'm actually cooking ours at 2 min. per ear too(1 min, flip 1 min). I reworded my post because I think that was a little unclear. I've heard of wrapping shucked ears in a damp cloth, but I've never heard of using wax paper. Bet that would keep the moisture in better than a damp paper towel...