Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to My Kitchen...

Welcome!  I'm starting this blog for my daughter, Livi, who is always asking me if I'll give her my recipes when she leaves home or if I can will her "the book".  Really, she's right to want these recipes.  How many of us can think of great food cooked by our mothers or grandmothers that we don't know how to duplicate because the recipe went with them when they passed on?  I know I can. Many great family recipes have been lost over the years. 

So this blog is for Livi & for preserving the foods that take us back to our Mom's or Grandma's kitchen.  Its also a place to trade tips & secrets for budget grocery shopping & saving time in the kitchen.  Its a place to remember all the good things that happens in the kitchens of the important women in our lives, because sometimes the kitchen is much more than just a place food is prepared.  It becomes a gateway to each other's thoughts, a place to solve problems, wipe tears & pass on ageless advice.

Come on in to my kitchen!

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