Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mom's Pea Salad

Mom's Pea Salad recipe has been a much requested hit at our family gatherings for years. She always made it in one of those ginormous Tupperware bowls. You can actually halve the recipe & make it in a smaller bowl.

Mom's Pea Salad

Layer the following in a large, non-metal container.

Head of lettuce (torn into pieces)
Chopped onions
Grated carrots
Green peppers
2 (16oz) bags of frozen peas, thawed
2 cups salad dressing spread over the peas (use more if needed to cover the peas entirely)
Bacon, crumbled or bacon pieces
6 hard boiled eggs
Parmesan cheese
Grated cheddar cheese

Refrigerate over night.

Stir well before serving the next day. Makes 20 servings.

**Now you'll notice that there are no measurements for many of these ingredients. You can thank my mom for that. She's one of those....the eyeballers, dash of this, pinch of that, "until it looks right" type cookers. So,  basically for this recipe you're making a layer of each item in the bowl. If you like onions, make a thicker layer. If you hate carrots, omit them or make a thinner layer. You get the picture. Sorry that's not much help when you are buying ingredients for the 1st time, is it?**

This is a pretty & delicious side dish. Enjoy!

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